Welcome to Culture and Identity
June 23, 2022

Who causes more trouble for women? Men? Part 1

Who causes more trouble for women? Men? Part 1

Welcome to the Culture and Identity Podcast by Eileen Omosa. I am a trainer and creative writer of romance and women’s fiction. In this second season of the Culture and Identity podcast, I bring you discussions about African women in Novels, including aspects of their upbringing in relation to the decisions and choices they make throughout their lives.  

I reference books set in African to discuss how writers portray African women in novels? During the discussions, I welcome your views on a variety of issues, including, what happens once these women embark on a journey of becoming career women. How do they make choices whenever they are faced with opportunities or challenges which come with formal education? And, what factors have an influence on the decisions the women make? 

Here are questions for you to reflect on during and after this podcast episode:    

  1. Is the role of an African girl set long before she is born, or is she free to choose the life she desires?  
  2. The second question is: - what role do African women play in shaping existing narratives on gender relations? 
  3. And question number three, does education open more opportunities or conflicts for African women?

 Stay to the end of this episode to learn about the journeys and roads traveled by some African girls and women. If you work in the development sector, or you are a scholar or writer longing to comprehend issues of human agency and decision-making—the issues I raise in this podcast provide a starting point to your understanding of the position of the African girl or woman in society, and the broader topic of gender and gender relations. 

You can find the episode show notes, and more information on the podcast website, Cultureandidentity.org  

In today’s episode, titled, who causes more trouble for women, which I am recording on the 22nd of June 2022, I will reference the question - who, between men and women, causes more trouble for women? I will share extracts from two novels, leave you to come up with a response to that question. The information is drawn from the novels titled, The Housegirl Becoming Angela, and Nyawira the Billionaire’s Daughter – will be part two of this episode. 

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As I mentioned at the beginning of this episode of the Culture and Identity podcast, I am a published author of novels under the broad theme of change and adaptation. Six of my novels focus on the African girl who has gained an education and is striving to balance a formal career while she fulfils cultural expectations of her as a female member of society. 

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